A summer of opportunities

The term is at long last dwindling to a close. Summer is quickly approaching. For most of us this means a few months of relaxation. The other half of us faces our futures after graduation.

Challenges are ahead of our generation as we finish our educations whether it is this year or a few more years down the road. The chances of employment are bleak in some areas even now with a degree in hand.

Summer was once a chance for relaxation and enjoyment. It was once the escape from the daily grind of classes and research papers, but those days are long gone.

Summer is now a chance to search for internships and employment for after graduation. It is an expanse of time allowing us to evaluate career goals, preform volunteer work and work to save up for our dream university.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even with an associate’s degree the chance of unemployment lingers around 5 percent for people over 25 years old who are part of the labor force. This means one in 20 graduates with at least an associate’s degree will most likely be unemployed.

This percentage is cut in half for students who go on to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Employment is not guaranteed through an education, but it allows a higher chance of being employed.

It is what we do with the education we receive that shapes our future. The work towards employment does not end when we leave the college.

College students are constantly reminded of the struggle ahead of them: student loan debt, unemployment, and learning to cook anything other than Ramen noodles. This unpromising future is frightening to even imagine. This summer is a chance to prepare for the future. It allows opportunities to better the probability of avoiding these struggles.

The summer could be spent working multiple jobs paying for any impending educational costs. It is time to break out the resume, and work on improving it. This time can be spent adding internships and volunteer work to the resume. If relaxation is the most important thing needed this season, then it is a great opportunity to sign up for summer cooking classes. This helps prepare for the upcoming future without Ramen noodles.

Now is the time to take hold of our futures. The choices we make this summer, and each season from now on will help determine what’s in store. We have the opportunity to use our degree and affect the world, rather than just contributing to unemployment statistics.