Where is our voice?

Almost two-thirds of Americans claim to be unhappy with the government, yet in the 2010 midterm elections it was estimated that only 24 percent of eligible young adults voted.

This can be caused by a variety of reasons: unhappiness with candidates’ positions, feeling as if their vote doesn’t matter, or an overall lack of representation from the younger demographic. If more young adults voted, we would have a larger impact on the election.

Does the average 60-year old white male represent the values of the millennial generation? Why should his voice represent us?
The word “represent” is defined as, “to be entitled or appointed to act or speak for.”

Should a man whose gap in age is that of our grandfather speak for us? Would you let your grandfather make your decisions? Does he believe in disciplining children the same? Would he understand what it is like to have student loans that will last a lifetime? Would he speak for the needs of the ethnically diverse? Would he truly understand what it is like to grow up being a woman knowing you may never earn the same as a man for the same position?

It is clear that the young adults of this generation will not have the same mind-set as the average 60-year-old white male politician. It is clear that we are not being represented. It is clear that we do not have a voice on that ballot. It is clear from the headlines in the news that our government is falling apart. It is clear that the system is flawed.

Our system has failed us, and it is clearly seen by the citizens of this country. The young adults have given up, and as stated earlier only 24 percent are still voting. Only 24 percent still are fighting for representation.

I understand why young adults refuse to vote, but together we can make a difference.

Can someone be heard if they refuse to speak? The voice of the young adults’ isn’t in Washington D.C. The voice is not in Springfield. The voice is not in our own community governmental offices. The voice isn’t in our own schools.

That is why it is time to start being heard.

By getting involved in our community and schools we can help to better the lives of everyone involved. We can change what is happening and improve our own governments.

Let the change keep growing. Don’t be afraid to get involved in your school. If you don’t like where things are going it is now time to speak up and be involved.

You can become an ambassador or elect the young adult who represents your ideals. You have a voice in the change being made.
Finally, young adults are not represented on the ballot. Nothing will change if we just choose not to vote because we are not represented. Take a stand instead.

Write letters to the candidates addressing your concerns, beliefs, and what you need done. Then vote for the candidate that takes your needs seriously.

Change takes time. When the masses finally see that the young adults are ready to be heard, true leaders will come forth.

Don’t be afraid to speak.