Services promote success

Hello Eagles!

Do you find yourself wondering what does IVCC have to offer students besides just taking classes, playing a sport, or participating in a club?

IVCC has an extended list of services geared towards student success. You might not even know some of these services exist; however, you should try using them during your time on campus.

If you need help editing grammar and spelling, creating a reference page, or just need to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming paper, the Writing Center is open Monday through Friday.

Every teacher will tell you that you need to have credible sources. Most students don’t even know where to begin. The librarians at Jacobs Library are great people and always enthusiastically willing to assist you.

So now that you have your sources and paper ready to go, the Learning Commons has nearly 40 computers that you can type and print from.

Need help figuring out how to increase your margins and change the spacing? The student help desk does just as their title would lead you to believe. With the help of these services, you have successfully completed your paper!

Some other awesome services IVCC has to offer include free peer tutoring in the Learning Commons in various subjects including math, Spanish, and English.

If you cannot be in class the day of a test, your teacher can direct you to the assessment center. There you can take your test Monday through Friday at a time convenient for you.

In the new CTC building you can find the Career Services office. If you need help deciding on a major or help putting together a resume, these are the people to see.

Once you’ve decided on a major, right down the hall is the counseling center. They can assist you in picking classes in order for you to graduate on time or transfer to your desired four-year university.

These are just a few of the services IVCC has to offer students that can help you succeed, FOR FREE!

You can find a full list of services on the school’s Web site under the “Current Students” tab and click Services for Students.