Beauty of the unknown

Life is full of mystery. Depending on the person, this can be viewed as a good or bad thing. Some of us prefer a very regular and predictable lifestyle, while others desire a more spontaneous and unpredictable way of life.

Unfortunately, neither type of person will ever be fully satisfied all the time. Life can seem like the same old routine for a while, but it can suddenly become really irregular as well. There is no timeline or time limit for when this occurs.

Life’s mysteries can strike at any second of any day. Most of the time we do not see them coming until they have already arrived. Life can be enjoyable but may quickly turn to being extremely difficult.

That’s the bad part. The good part is: things may be hard for a while and then life will throw a curve ball and make everything more joyful again. Now don’t let me mislead you: We do have a significant amount of control over the quality of our lives.

A person, who always waits for life to throw a miracle at them without putting any work in, will more than likely live a difficult life. Also, someone who regularly puts in their time and effort to achieve the things they desire will usually live a happier life.

However, there is no sure method to achieving a flawlessly happy life. No matter who we are or what we do, we will all have many good and also bad times. Sometimes a person who does very little to earn a particular reward, can end up receiving it, while another person who worked hard, may wind up empty handed.

It never seems to be fair from a logical standpoint, but it is also a very real quality of the world we live in. In the long run, a determined and hard-working person will end up going farther than someone who hopes and waits for those “lucky breaks” to get them through life.

The unknown can be seen as a positive or negative thing: that is up to us to decide. If we choose to look at in dark light, we will struggle more with its impacts.

If we look at it as a blessing, we will embrace the anonymities. One thing is sure though: we will never know what tomorrow will bring us.