Three IV Leader sophomores give parting thoughts


Kyle Russell

Departing editors are Ali Braboy Opinion Editor, Zack Miller Sports Editor, Marshal Herrmann Media Editor, Brent Bader Lead Editor, and Joe Frye Sports Editor

Brent Bader, Ali Braboy, and Joe Frye, IV Leader Editors

Brent’s Goodbye

The end of my final semester here at IVCC is quickly approaching and I find myself looking back to gauge just how far I’ve come throughout my time here at IVCC. Unsurprisingly, I’ve grown quite a bit through my three years here and I have recognized that most of it has come through taking part in school activities and events.

I know some students view schoolwork/college- life as more of a hindrance to progress rather than a stepping stone to better things, but if you take the time to inject yourself into the college experience you’ll end up with much more than just an education. My only true regret is that I didn’t capitalize on this sooner, as I was in the “do my time and get out” frame of mind early on.

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone, go try new things and meet new people. You can even find clubs centered around things you do like.

Like reading books? There’s a club for that. Like playing video games? There’s a club for that. Like messing around with computers? Yep, there’s a club for that. Interested in outdoor activities? Give our underappreciated disc golf course a try with a few friends! Only through reaching out and actively participating in college events will you truly get the most out of your experience.

If you have a strong interest in it, likely someone else does as well and has already made a group around it or would be open to the idea.

Most importantly, if you’re interested in writing, photography, drawing, video editing, or graphic design why not give our very own award winning IV Leader a try? Even if you’re not really
interested in the “breaking news” that hits our small corner of the world, you can still find satisfaction in building a project together with a really great group of unique people.

In closing, I would like to thank my incredible staff of writers, editors, photographers, cartoonists, and designers for the hard work and dedication to our paper. I’m honestly convinced that I would have never gotten the paper out on time without every single one of you.

A huge thank you to our advisor, Lori Cinotte, for help in keeping this train from derailing and reminding us that there’s a light at the end of every tunnel on layout day.

Thank you to the faculty and administration of IVCC for help in getting us the information we needed and in giving us the occasional exclusive access or sneak peak of future events not shown to the general public.

Finally, thank You! Thanks for reading along with us these past few months and for being interested in the regular events at IVCC. IVCC has some really promising prospects in the future and I know I’ll be reading the IV Leader to keep up to date!

Joe’s Goodbye

Working as a reporter, columnist and editor of the IV Leader has been a great experience. And during my two year stint at IVCC I must thank a certain group of people for their help.

First, Lori Cinotte has been, hands down, my favorite teacher at IVCC; she has helped me every step of the way when it came to the school paper. Her patience may have ran thin with our staff at moments, but she always expected our best and I always worked extremely hard for her.

Next, a big thank you to my fellow sports co-editor Zack Miller. Working with your friend can sometimes be the most difficult job to do. We always were on the same page and never changed our one goal: to provide the best product on paper that we could. Thank you, Zack.

Thank you to the entire IV Leader staff these past two years as well; I met a lot of great people and even made some friends in the process. Brent, you were an incredible editor and did a great job all year and never disappointed us. Kyle Russell, thank you for taking pictures and helping us all year. Marsh, Go Bears.

Lastly, thank you IVCC for giving me a quality education and assisting me in making my decision to move on to a new opportunity. IVCC was ultimately a great decision I made and I wouldn’t change anything I did these past two years.

Good luck to future IV Leader staff members and may journalism continue to be a staple in this school.

Ali’s Farewell

For some reason, I have received more love than I could ever hope to collect.

This institution decided to accept me to take classes here, and then one day this beautiful diner on Progress Boulevard in Peru gave me a bowtie and told me to sit people at tables. These events fused together, and this new journey was formed.

I want to thank Professors Delores Robinson, Adam Oldaker, Kimberly Radek, Lori Cinotte, and Nora Villarreal for all the opportunities they have given me at IVCC.

The members of the IV Leader — Abney, Jessie, Brent, Marshal, and Kyle — have made school an extremely fun time. and I’m glad I got to meet them!

I want to thank everyone at Steak n Shake because they’re the hardest working people I know, yet they find ways to smile every day; it’s not a job when I get to spend my days with Sam, Kathryn, Nancy, Cassie, Chantel, Travis, Jesse, Omar, and Steven!

I guess I just want you to know that happiness is found in the smallest of places — even in a corner room in building B where pictures of cats are printed, while helping someone form a thesis statement to articulate their thoughts, and playing hide n seek at Steak n Shake. Farewell!