Time for a Change

Tracy Morris, Associate Vice President of Student Services

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”    Gail Sheedy, American Journalist, Author and Lecturer.

The timing of this quote is so important to me—as many of you know, I will be leaving IVCC at the end of March. It was a very difficult decision but there is an outstanding opportunity that awaits me at ICC. I know without a doubt that the amazing staff in Student Services will make sure that everything continues to move forward and will continue to support you in all that you need.

This got me thinking…I am not the only one facing change. Many of you are looking ahead to your next phase in life. Are you getting ready to graduate (don’t forget to sign up to walk in the ceremony—it’s free) this May or August? Are you planning to transfer on to another school? Are you looking ahead to your next semester schedule? If you said yes to any of these, you should get in to see your counselor NOW!! They can help you to be sure you have everything you need and help with any fear and adjustment challenges you may be facing.

No matter what the change you are facing—know that one thing will not change here: Our commitment to Student Success! We have a very dedicated group of individuals in all of Student Services, as well as our Faculty, IT, Facilities, and Academic Support who want to do anything to make your experience here a positive one. If you don’t know where to go for assistance, stop in CTC 101 (Admissions/Records/Cashier/Financial Aid) or CTC 202 (Counseling Center). We will get you going in the right direction!

For my final words to share with you, I hope that you will do the following:
1.    Show kindness to each other—offering to hold the door, sharing a smile, saying hello, or offering to help someone else can make a world of difference. Stop the negativity, bullying, and insults that are running rampant through social media. Be nice to each other.
2.    When you have a problem or concern—don’t just complain, bring a possible solution! It is very important to let people know when something isn’t meeting your expectations but those people who come forward with ideas for solutions are the ones who are most often heard and valued.
3.    Try something new—meet someone new, take a class for fun, attend a cultural or sporting event, hang out in a new area of campus. There is a whole different world for those who want to explore it.

Enjoy your time at IVCC. It is truly what you make of it! Believe it or not, the time will fly and soon it will be time for another change. Thank you to all of the amazing people (students, staff, faculty, and friends) who have made my time at IVCC a joy, both personally and professionally.