Counselor’s Corner: Students offered help in planning course

Tracy Morris, Associate Vice President of Student Services

Have you seen the cars driving around outside of the new Counseling Center?

No, not real cars — they are part of a fun bulletin board that spotlight some of the many career opportunities that you can move towards when you start at IVCC.

The bulletin boards are being organized by Gina Polizzi, an intern from Illinois State University.

Gina was a former IVCC student who is completing her Bachelor’s Degree at ISU in May and will be starting a graduate program in Student Affairs in South Carolina this fall. Gina is another great example of our slogan in action—No place so close can take you so far!

Getting from here to there isn’t always that easy and that is why the counselors are here to help you on your path!

Did you know that the summer schedule is available online now?

The fall classes will be ready on the web in the next week or so — so the time is right to make your appointment!

What should you cover? How about these ideas:

  • How close am I to graduation/transferring?
  • Has my major or transfer school changed any requirements?
  • Am I in the right major?
  • I am super excited about summer classes— which ones can I take this summer to help me graduate even faster?
  • Hit a pothole or speed bump?

Every once in a while, I will hear a complaint about how a student was told the wrong thing about transfer — if that is the case, I would invite you to come see me and let me know what happened.

One of the biggest challenges that I often see is that a student sees a counselor once and develops a plan … and then never comes back.

There are so many things that can change: it is a great idea to see a counselor every semester to check in and make sure you are on the right track!

We offer appointments and walk-ins, a great variety to fit any schedule. Call 224-0360 for information or stop in to see us in the beautiful new Counseling Center in CTC 202!