Kicking off the year in Ottawa

Lori Carbone, Ottawa Center Staff

Sure …going to classes and making the grade are an important part of your collegiate success. No argument here.

However, another critical aspect of attending college is making connections — networking with other students, faculty and staff.

One of the ways the IVCC Ottawa Center helps to make this happen is by offering fun and festive activities we can all get on board with.

Recently the Ottawa Center just hosted a “Chili Cook Off” for everyone. Student, faculty and staff braved the frigid January temps and rolled in the Riverside and Main entrances carrying armloads of crockpots, chips, bread and other delectable treats! The meat and beans warmed the weary bones of our students and fortified them for their classes ahead. Ed at the front desk led the morning charge and Vicky was on hand for the evening crowd.

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, the Ottawa Center will have a preemptive Valentine’s Day celebration.Join us for a proper “Tea Party” as Jeannette and Lori are our hostesses with the mostest. Try an exotic green tea variety or go with the good old fashion black tea. Whatever your passion you will be sure to find a tea you will fall in love with. Keep calm and sip on!

Since Fat Tuesday falls during spring break this year we plan on kicking the event off with a “Snack-a-thon” on Thursday, March 6 while everyone is still here at the Ottawa Center. Come get your chub on and enjoy some great conversation before we all head for warmer weather … okay, does the tanning bed count? Bring you craziest snack and we’ll do the rest.

March at times seems like one of the longest months so we’re kicking it up a notch with fun-filled events! On Monday, March 17 come to the Ottawa Center and dance the jig and put on your Irish. Bring your best Irish costume and Irish treat to share with all.

Like what you see? These events are just a mere sampling of the good times we share at the Ottawa Center. Join us as we network and
make life long connections for your career and future success.