The circle of life: Editorial edition


Jessie Winchel, Opinion Editor

We all make tough decisions in life. We decide what we do and what we don’t want to do.
We also decided what jobs we want or what schools to go to.
But there’s one decision that beats all of those. This is the toughest decision of a lifetime: what to write for an editorial. Essays for a class are nothing compared to this.
First, you have to think of a topic. It can’t be just any topic though. The topic has to be so eye catching and amazing that you draw readers in and keep their attention.
So you can’t just throw some garbage together and call it an editorial. You also have to look at what is going on around you. This could be different events at school or a holiday. For example, you can’t write a Christmas editorial during Halloween. We aren’t Wal-Mart after all.
Then, there are the moments were nothing is going on. So then what do you write then! You have to write something or there will be a big white page in the paper.
So you post a status about your slump on Facebook and get ideas. Some friends might recommend movies like “Catching Fire,” which comes out Nov. 22, or to write an editorial about not being able to come up with an editorial, Brent, but who does that kind of thing! So finally you just sit down at a computer and type away till, BAM!, you have an editorial.
The next step is to draw a cartoon about this so called “Editorial.” You have to read the editorial over and over again, running ideas through your head. How about a drawing of a cat? No, they belong on the internet. How about a cute picture, maybe a scary one?
The cartoon expresses the editorial so it has to make sense. It has to go together with it, like peanut butter and jelly sammiches on a summer afternoon. So you get out your pencil and paper, you stare deep into the white eyes of the paper, search its soul for inspiration and finally it happens. You start to draw and when you are done it is the most majestic picture ever, ever.
So you finally get done with one editorial and matching cartoon! It was a hard uphill walk and you finally made it to the top.
Then you slip and fall right back down because you realize that you have to do this routine five times a semester. That’s okay because something is bound to happen by then!
If not then you can start now so you don’t have to procrastinate! Maybe you will wait last minute so you can have all the best ideas.
I mean, you have a week break, so why not…right?