PTK takes part in events, raises awareness


Adam Hoye, PTK President

Hey guys, Adam, President of Phi Theta Kappa, just to let you know more reasons why becoming a member of the best known honor society of two-year colleges is the best decision you can make.
You get that 3.5 GPA and you get to take part in events such as the Out of the Darkness walk that several members enjoyed doing a few weeks ago. It was an opportunity to get out and raise awareness that we want to help prevent suicide. This goes entirely with a project that PTK Chapters are mandated to do every year called the Honors In Action and it is what it means Honors (students) in Action.
Then, we got the opportunity to take part in Unleash Your Colors, to help fund the Illinois Valley Animal Rescue (IVAR). Everyone needs a cuddle buddy and when you do, pets are always the first to know when you are down and just want to make you feel better.
So we highly agree that every animal needs a good and loving home. We are entirely grateful to get out and take part in events for this great cause because a lot of animals get mistreated and are in need of good homes, just as we people do.
And, we got the great opportunity to get out into the public and take part in the PADS homeless shelter located in Peru beside Menards on Oct. 29. We were able to bring the residents a home cooked meal made by  PTK officers.
Chili with some cornbread and desserts was on the menu as well as a chance to sit down and mingle and get to know some of the residents from 5 to 11.
We got a chance to know who they are and if there was any assistance that they may have needed we could offer them as much info that we had even available to us.
We love getting to help others in the community because there is no greater feeling than accomplishment and when we can help someone get something accomplished…we feel accomplished.
So, when it comes to get the opportunity of seeing that letter in the mail inviting you into Phi Theta Kappa, please just don’t push it aside or throw it away.
Embrace the opportunity of Scholarships, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service; become a member of one of the best organizations in the world that can lead you in so many directions but all facing up! You will not be let down from the experience and opportunities you will get from joining PTK!