I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve…

Tracy Morris, Associate Vice President of Student Services

The excitement is mounting…
Nov. 1 marked the Grand Opening of the Peter Miller Community Technology Center. This is a momentous occasion for IVCC. It is the first major construction project since the permanent IVCC campus was opened at this location in 1972. As a side note, classes were offered at this location in temporary buildings in 1968 and we are finally tearing down the last of those buildings within the next few months!!
We have had a successful $2.1 million capital campaign that was initiated by the $1 million dollar donation from the Miller Charitable Trust and has been supported by well over 100 alumni, employees, and friends of IVCC.
Many of you have wondered what is behind those doors that have been closed and locked for far too long and the chance to see the building will be here in just a few short weeks!
Following the ceremony on Nov. 1, we offered tours all weekend for the public and  students!
If there is interest, I will be setting up tours once the Student Services areas are moved in (right before Thanksgiving.) Keep your eyes out for information. These tours are a great way to see the entire facility and all of the programs, services, and amenities that are part of this state-of-the-art building.
What does this mean to you as a student? A lot!
On Nov. 5, the Admissions and Records, Financial Aid and Veterans Services, and Cashier offices all opened in the new building. As you enter the new building from our current lobby, the Enrollment Services offices (listed above) are on the right on the main level.
On Nov. 13 (Wednesday), the Counseling Center, Career Services, and Project Success are scheduled to be open in the new building. These Student Development offices will be located on the upper level, right above the Enrollment Services offices. There is a staircase right before the donor wall on the right that will lead you upstairs.
The current entrance will remain the main entrance until we return in January. This means the other doors will NOT be open until this time. In addition, there will be areas of the new building that are not open until January. This is due to the continued equipment and classroom moving that will be taking place in November and December.
As we embark on this exciting new step, we are excited to also look back at our rich history.
On Nov. 2, we had our first Homecoming activities in almost 30 years and next year will mark the 90th anniversary for the college, more highlights from our history as we get closer to this landmark anniversary.
As a former IVCC student and a proud new occupant of the new Peter Miller Community Technology Center, I am so very excited to open this new, beautiful building and let you all see the great things that can be created when a dedicated and passionate group of employees, alumni, and donors come together with a common purpose!