Why Ottawa? Benefits of Ottawa Center explored

Lori Carbone, Ottawa Center Staff

Students really love the IVCC Ottawa Center … and it shows!
For years, the college has explored the idea of moving out into the community and being even more accessible for our students. That dream became a reality a couple of years back and the Ottawa Center is in fact living the dream.
Students enjoy attending the Ottawa Center for a variety of reasons. Some like how the Center is right downtown and easy to get to by foot, bike or city bus.
Other students love the fact that they can park curbside and get right into their class without hiking from the main campus lots. High school students at both Ottawa and Marquette are extremely pleased that they can take classes later in the day after the regular school hours or in the evening right in town without worrying their parents, especially during the snowy dark winter.
The Ottawa Center offers far and reaching opportunities for many students who otherwise would not have access to college.
Oglesby may seem like a hop, skip and jump for most, but if you don’t have reliable transportation or have child or elder care concerns it is miles away.
The Ottawa Center not only offers classes for students intending to transfer on to a university, but classes for students who are working on their GED, working on their high school diploma in an alternative format and students who are building their skill level for college.
The Center houses a gathering place for the community and classes for adults who wish to continue their education. Students have taken food service sanitation courses for certification to work in local restaurants to earning certification as nurse aides to work in the local nursing homes and hospitals.
Each day someone stops at our front desk and conveys to us how they love the Ottawa Center and hope it is here for a long time to come.
The Ottawa Center is located at 321 W. Main St., Ottawa. Building hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday.
For information, call (815) 224-0800 or (815) 431-8058 or submit questions by fax at (815) 224-0819.
You also can visit the IVCC Ottawa Campus on Facebook.
Information and services at the Ottawa Center are available on the Web at www.ivcc.edu/ottawa.