Top 10 activities to make Halloween spooktacular


Jessie Winchel, Opinion Editor

Halloween is fast approaching and most are asking themselves…what should I do on Halloween? Well, there is a whole bunch you can do, but I will inform you about safe and legal things that you can do to keep your Halloween alive!
10. Trick or Treat
Not that there is anything bad about getting free candy, but let’s be honest, most older residences kind of frown upon a 21 year old taking their candy. Unless, of course, you look like you are supposed to be in grade school. So now you have two choices: Go to Wal-Mart and buy a bag of candy and be a fat kid or get chased off the older residents’ lawns after taking a handful of candy, your choice.
9. Decorate your lawn, put on a costume, and pass out candy
Now hear me out: if the kids are too scared to get to the door…then all that candy will go to waste. So make it extremely scary and you’ll have a whole bowl of candy to yourself when the night is over. Here is where the costume comes in; if a brave little child actually makes it to your front door, you bring out the last resort, your costume. You have to make sure the costume is extra scary because if it isn’t you might just be giving that kid all the candy for growing a pair and making it through the torment. As risky as this is, it might be worth trying this year.
8. Bonfire
If you just aren’t in the Holiday spirit then you can always get together with your friends and have a nice fall hangout with a bonfire. You could roast marshmallows and make smores, or just have some good laughs. Just make sure it’s not deep in the woods and a guy with a hook for a hand isn’t behind you. You’ve been warned.
7. Tell Scary Stories
If the Bonfire isn’t working, you can always just hang out in a creepy spot or at home and tell scary stories. There isn’t anything funnier than making your friend pee themselves by telling a freaky story on Halloween. Just don’t go overboard. Who am I kidding? There’s no such thing as going overboard!
6. Pet Costume Contest
Have a little pet that would look cute as a witch, a pumpkin, or even a cat? Then why not dress them up and bring them to a pet contest! Most pet stores have pet contests so check local stores because nothing looks funnier than a pet looking miserable in a cute costume. So do it.
5. Play Zombie Games
Just like it sounds, pull out your game system and put some Resident Evil or Left for Dead on! But if you are not into that some local parks do host Zombie Walks, so look in to that. It sounds like fun. Just watch out for crazy people that think the apocalypse is actually happening…Better yet find those crazy people and give them a good scare!
4. Scary Movie Marathon
Just want a relaxing night at home? Drinking hot apple cider and eating caramel apples by a fire? Nothing says relaxing like wetting yourself in terror while watching Scary Movies. Everything is fun about not sleeping for weeks at a time because you are afraid a mass murder is going to pop out of your closet and end it all…then you realize it was just a movie and you feel like a fool.
3.  Go to an Old Cemetery
If you have the guts to do it on Halloween night, then go to an Old Cemetery. Obviously I am not saying break in or go when not permitted, as fun as that is; always look at hours and make sure it is not private property.
Also remember to bring a camera and friends, mostly so you can freak your friends out but also never go alone when traveling in isolated areas at night. Play it safe, but keep it scary!
2. Halloween Party
Do you like the wild side of life? Then maybe so do your friends! I am sure one of them; you might even be, throwing a Halloween party. So go to one and enjoy yourself. Remember, even if you aren’t invited you can always crash someone else’s party, but don’t do anything illegal, because nothing is fun about that. Remember not to drink and drive!
1. Statesville
Statesville is the ultimate haunted house of all haunted houses; A Prison. Because we all know nothing screams fun like going to a haunted prison. There have been a lot of stories about this prison and most of them end with running out of there, screaming like a girl, and having to change your pants.