Phi Theta Kappa plans upcoming events

PTK Officers

Phi Theta Kappa will participate in upcoming events in order to create another story on how they can help students here at IVCC.
They are sorry for the inconvenience at this time for not getting a piece together for this issue. Keep in tune though for next issue to see how students can help each other!
Upcoming Phi Theta Kappa Events:
Oct. 19 at Baker’s Lake is Coming Out of The Dark, an awareness on violence.
Proceeds for this will go to North Central Behavioral Health Services.
Oct. 27 is IVCC Unleash Your Colors, held by Oglesby Fire Association, starting at 9 a.m.
Proceeds go to IVAR.
Oct. 29 is Volunteering at PADS in Peru.
At this event, members will serve PADS visitors dinner made by PTK, and hanging out with the residents and building relations with them also.
Hopefully, a lot of students will come out and join PTK in these great upcoming events.
Be sure to check back for even more great PTK fun!