Phi Theta Kappa offers advice for students

Phi Theta Kappa offers advice for students

Adam Hoye, PTK President

The Phi Theta Kappa officers came up with several questions that may relate to you, the students, and even maybe faculty:

1. How do I maximize my college experience?
Well, that depends on how much you want to get involved and actually, to tell you the truth, how much you want to put on your resume after college.
There are Clubs and Organizations that do stuff all the time all over this campus. We have Honor Societies, Student Government, Computers and Gaming Club, Theater, Newspaper, Red Cross Club, and many more that could take awhile to name off. Go off of your likes and dislikes as well or even think of your future and what EVERYONE’S future entails. Technology!
This world is coming into a TECH world to where computers, laptops, iPads, tablets are going to rule everything. Maximize that learning experience through our Computer Club. That way you are getting a FREE training on how to build computers all the way up to how to maximize and even be able to secure your own computers.
We also have volunteer stuff going on all the time from DIG PINK (Breast Cancer Awareness) to March of Dimes for Babies and even Toys for Tots. Get involved there as well.
For all of these activities, you can actually get recommendations from the advisors that run these things to put on your resume. A lot of jobs look at how much you like to get involved. It also shows that you are willing to be a leader/trainer and willing to take on tasks that some people are too shy to take on.

2. Can I expect a career/job after I graduate?
That also depends on how “gung-ho” you are on succeeding. Grades, involvement, professionalism all play a part on your success. The hard work you put on at school will show in the field as well. Also take on a lot of knowledge that you gain from school and take it with you to that interview.
“This is what I learned in this class.” “I have hands on experience because of this class.” So on and so forth. The more hands-on experience that you gain through your schooling and involvement can reflect heavily as you being favored over the next applicant going for the same position. Also, take on some workshops that are going on around the campus. ‘How to write a successful resume?’ ‘How to take notes in class?’ ‘How to prepare for tests?’ These can also maximize your probability of securing that job/career you are so looking at securing.
Always research the demographic of the career you are choosing as well. This maximizes your chance of securing a position.
IVCC is known for having one of the top CNA ratings in the area and there are plenty of jobs in the area looking all the time. The Criminal Justice field as well is also a very popular one at IVCC. We have a lot of local area police officers that were once IVCC students and continued on to either the job already or went on to a four-year university such as Western Illinois University, one of the highest rated Criminal Justice Universities in the state!
And with this, students may consider the new addition of the wind-energy program. Look at all these windmills being put up. Before you know it, we’ll be looking like California!!! But that is not a bad thing because there is such a high demand for it, GRASP IT!!! You can bet on a great career starting there.
These are just a couple things that were thoughts of mind on students all over the campus. If you actually have any questions or thoughts or concerns until our actual IVCC email gets brought together, please contact Adam Hoye, president of PTK, at [email protected] or send us a personal message on Facebook at IVCC Rho Omega. We are always open for any suggestions, ideas, concerns to make a better experience for our students!