Having a variety but nothing to watch


Jessie Winchel, Opinion Editor

You get your work schedule and your first thought is to look at the weekend. Usually you are scheduled, but to your surprise you have a full weekend off!
You must be the happiest person in the world. You could play games, go outside, or even watch television or something that’s streaming. You wait all week and then finally the day arrives — your day off. You decide to stay at home and watch television or Netflix or Hulu on your PlayStation 3. Then it dawns on you that you have absolutely nothing to watch.
This happens a lot to people, especially in America. I noticed it a lot more when I was a teenager, but as you grow up you are usually too busy with work or school to have a moment to sit down, relax and watch television. Most of us even have DVRs, so when it is time to watch something, it is at our disposal.
What if, though, you didn’t have anything recorded: it was just a free day to watch television? Most would say they have nothing to watch even though Netflix and Hulu are loaded with shows and variety, and television would have over, if not between, 100 to 200 different channels and a variety.
This dawned on me the other day when I had a free afternoon, so I went on both Netflix and Hulu. Needless to say I kept switching between both trying to find something to watch, yet, there was nothing!
It was a hard decision and I eventually just did my homework because of the frustration. Television hasn’t been the same since “Game of Thrones” Season Three ended and I finished “Fairy Tale” on Hulu so I had absolutely nothing to watch.
Obviously this was not true. I was being picky with what I wanted to watch and I was not in the mood for television series or Subbed Anime, so therefore, nothing to watch.
This is how a lot of people think, sadly, a lot of teenagers and adults who have a day off. We honestly have to be in a mood to watch something or it is automatically classified as “nothing to watch.”
The sad truth is that we have to constantly be busy, because if there is “nothing to watch” on television or stream then we look for other things to do.
The fall back is for me video games or homework, and for a lot of people and some people may even go and do other activities like clean, shop, or go outside.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just ironic and frustrating that there is “nothing to watch” yet plenty is available to us.