Remembering Experience: The Farewell


Josh Dillion, Sports Editor

As is customary at the IV Leader, in the final issue of the year, departing editors give their thoughts and their “swan song” in the final editorial. As the only departing editor, I guess I better do a good job filling this space up then, shouldn’t I?
I’ve greatly enjoyed my time here at IVCC. The second college I’ve attended, IV provided me with so much more than the first one I went to, and I’m proud to say that I’m an Eagle through and through (until I graduate a Leatherneck, knock on wood). The recent IVCC Confessions page on Facebook and the general animosity towards the school astounds me, and here’s why.
I came to IVCC as a journalism student, got the sports editor position at the Leader by applying for it. After that, our adviser Lori Cinotte approached me about a possible internship at 99.3 WAJK for calling football games. As an aspiring sports broadcaster, I pounced on the opportunity and turned it into a paid internship this past fall. But, the reason that she told me about the position was because she knew that’s what I was interested in. You’d be surprised at the things you can find just by talking to your faculty members in the field you’re interested in.
In short, you will get out of college what you choose to put into it. If you act like a high school student, you’re going to feel like a high school student. Choose to take the initiative and actually pursue some stuff in your field and build up some real-world experience if you can because nothing substitutes for experience on a resume.
There are plenty of opportunities at this school if you choose to look for them; if you don’t, then that’s the fault of the student, not the institution. I ended up graduating from here with two years broadcasting experience, seven awards for journalistic achievement, and a plethora of experience in my field before I go to my four-year university.
Now for my shout-outs and thank yous that I’ll keep short to conserve space. Lori, for your constant positive attitude, your dedication to making us successful, your creativity to find interesting ways for us to get things done, and your general ability to put up with all of us crazy college students for being loud, obnoxious, and, to use my journalistic right of making up a word, procrastinatory; Matt, John, Laura, and Zach for being the best editorial staff one could ask for, and for all of us learning the craft at the time, bringing home third last year for overall excellence was quite an achievement;  Jessie and Kyle for stepping up to fill some big shoes and being a big part of bringing home first this year. Also, finally to my coaches, because I can’t be a sportswriter without having you guys to talk to and lean on to get me through it, and thank you for always being supportive and understanding of me.
Gamers club members, too many to list, but you guys know who you are, for giving me a competitive distraction and ending up being lifelong friends that I can truly count on to be there for me.
Farewell, IVCC and thank you for all the great memories as I set out for Western Illinois University in Macomb this fall.