Web resource helps find college for you


Jessie Winchel and Jessie Winchel

Already the semester is half way over and many of you might be transferring when the semester is done to a new college. The decision of which college is not an easy one. Some of you, like myself, may not even know where you are transferring yet. There are several resources at your disposal though that can make this decision a lot easier that most of you might not even know about! The closest resource that most students overlook at IVCC is the academic honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa not only looks good when you transfer, it also provides several resources that students might not even know about including, scholarships when you transfer to a new college and an easy-to-use resource that lets you find scholarships and colleges! Collegefish.org is a resource that students have access to by being a Phi Theta Kappa member. This web site allows you to search for a college by your major, the state you live in, or the region you are interested in living. Not only that but it also sends you reminders and allows you to set goals for yourself so that you get your transfer in before the deadline, which allows you to go to your dream college.

Did you know by using collegefish and being a Phi Theta Kappa member that you get scholarships at select colleges just by transferring? Not only do you get scholarships from the school, students that meet the requirements also get money for being a Phi Theta Kappa member! By using collegefish it allows you to see even more available scholarships at the colleges that you are interested in. Collegefish.org not only gives you scholarship information but gives you information about the college you are applying to.

This site tells you all the pricing information that you need to know, the size of the student enrollment, what majors they provide classes for at the college, school activities they provide for the students, and much more! Collegefish is not the only way to know if you have found your dream college: use the internet, go to the school’s web site and set up a visit. I cannot stress enough how important it is to visit a college before you make the big decision. Go and visit a lot of colleges, then make your decision, because one college could scream out to you and you could feel right at home, but you won’t know which until you visit!!

Remember that if you qualify for Phi Theta Kappa, take this opportunity seriously and become a part of the PTK community! There are so many great resources and experiences that can help you a long your college journey. If you were not invited to join PTK this semester, work on improving your GPA to try to be eligible in the future. PTK is honestly a great investment and one that can help with your future college expenses. As a parting note, if you are have trouble finding a college and just cannot make a decision then go see a counselor.

Not only an IVCC counselor, but go talk to the counselor of the school you are interested in and see if they can help you on the right path. Just by visiting and being informed about a college can make your decision as a student so much easier! So take advantage of the resources around you because that can be the bridge that helps you cross over to your dream college and future!