Student Government Association Helps Community

Britney Burkart, Columnist

Although the weather proves differently, spring is just around the corner and will be presenting new opportunities and changes for all the students at I.V.C.C.
The graduation deadline recently passed, so, I strongly encourage those graduating to attend the commencement ceremony on May 18th. There was an outstanding turn out at last year’s commencement, and although it is optional, it is a wonderful opportunity to be acknowledged for all your accomplishments at I.V.C.C.
The Student Government Association has been extremely successful and busy this year. Some of the SGA’s accomplishments thus far include raising money for breast cancer through Omar Aburomi’s fight, collecting donations for Christmas presents for the less fortunate, working a Christmas party for underprivileged children in the area, selling tickets for the boys basketball game at the United Center, and participating in the Student Success Highway Clean-up. The SGA also continually donates money each month through the African Vision of Hope foundation to a child in need.
Through OUTREACH, which is the state-wide service project of Illinois Community Colleges, the Anti-Bullying/Anti-Suicide Awareness and Prevention Campaign will be taking place through till March 1.
I cannot stress enough how important it is for both the students and faculty to engage themselves with this campaign. Whether it is just taking time out of your busy schedule to learn a little more on these issues, or by wearing the campaign bracelets that the SGA will be passing out, I challenge everyone to participate in some way to raise awareness for these crucial issues.
Lastly, I just want all the students interested in joining Student Government next year to keep their eyes open for the dates of the upcoming election. I send my best wishes to all through this spring semester!