­­­­The Twenty-year Old Punchline


Jessie Winchel, Opinion Editor


Now almost everyone watches television. There are constantly new shows airing every few months as the old shows get pushed behind. We might even feel nostalgia as a network, like cartoon network or the hub, bring back old shows. There are several shows though that when you go back and watch them you realize that, as a child, a lot of the humor went over your head.
Making this connection, fans soon realize that the shows are more towards the target of Adult audiences rather than children. One show that emphasizes this is The Powerpuff Girls. It wasn’t until I heard friends talk about the crude humor and overly violently television program that the connection was finally made.
In several episodes the three perfect little girls show off violence actions. This can be shown if you purchase the box set and watch the special features. In the special features you have the option of watching old advertisements and commercials for the television show. This is probably where the more violent actions take place.
Not only does it show more violence, which is geared towards adults more than children, it even has very not so subtle jokes that children do not catch. Watching these episodes now as a twenty year old, I wonder how most of these got past me as a kid.
Not only is The Powerpuff Girls more adult oriented so is another show that fans of PPG should all know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I never heard about My Little Pony until an eighteen year old kid came to IVCC one morning with a Fluttershy hoody. After that MLP was everywhere. It seemed like after that more guys where coming out of the stable about being bronies. Bronies is a reference to the MLP fan community.
Soon obligation came first and I watched it, mostly because it is available on Netflix. Yes, there is a lot of memes on the internet that are very humorous and yes there is some very funny adult oriented subtle humor within the show, but I think without the memes and jokes it is just mostly a kid show. The story line follows the title of the show that Friendship is magic.
Interesting enough though the average age group for both of these shows are 18-30 year old males. There is even a convention dedicated to bronies, which consists of mostly adults and mostly guys. Thinking back it is kind of ironic and humorous that the shows made for children relate to use more as adults.