Best of Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Brent Bader, IV Columnist

The International Consumer Electronics Show is hosted every year in Las Vegas and during this trade show many new products and gadgets are revealed that will possibly shape the future of the technology industry.

While it is not open to the public, many media outlets cover the various products that are being unveiled by the top manufacturers and this conference has been the first look at many commonly used devices today such as the HDTV and Blu-Ray Player.  While not every product will become available to the general public immediately, most of the products are in the early stages of development and show a glimpse of what to expect in the coming years from those companies.

This year CES debuted some interesting products such as the ones listed here.

•    4K TVs – 4K (also known as UltraHD) is the next generation in HD TVs.  4K originated in theatres as early as the 80s with films like Blade Runner but required cinemas that could properly show them.  Like 3DTVs, 4KTVs will be quite expensive for the first few years and will have limited media that will take full advantage of that resolution.

•    Razer Edge – This is basically a Windows 8 PC for the user on-the-go, The Razer Edge was developed as the frontrunner in tablet gaming technology.  This tablet can perform the same functions as a Windows 8 tablet and once nestled into its gamepad case, the tablet functions as a very detailed gaming device that rivals the home experience.

•    Sony Xperia Z – This new smartphone from Sony incorporates a 5inch screen with a 1920×1080 display, which is quite impressive for a smartphone, and the new Exmor RS sensor which will be capable of HDR recording.  This phone is also waterproof in up to around 3 feet and should be available early this year.

•    Willow Glass – Willow Glass is one of the more unique products shown this year as it’s been branded as the “bendable glass”.  From the makers of “Gorilla Glass” this product is not designed to be indestructible like their previous product only that this device can be bent at a deep angle without cracking. The glass could be made to form around the curves of a tiny smartphone or thin tablet with interesting results. Unfortunately, it was not shown on either product.

Keep on the lookout for these items.