Frequently asked questions get answered

Jessie Winchel, IV Leader Columnist

Being a new student can be a daunting experience, and being a new student at the college level can sometimes feel overwhelming. So I would like to let you in on some advice that helped me when I was a freshman.

How do I find my classes?
There are several ways to find your classes. When I was a freshman I went to IVCC and walked around, on my own, to get the feel of the college and to find my classes.
By just walking around it let me find my classes and any short cuts that I could use. It also let me get a feel of the college and learn that even though it looked intimidating from the outside, it really was easy to navigate around.
It was still kind of hard to find classes the first day with everyone there, but it made catching on and remembering where classes were a lot easier.
Also, there are maps available or you can always ask someone. Faculty and staff are always willing to point you in the right direction.

Who is my instructor? Are they nice and a good teacher?
This is a question that I ask myself even now. When I started at IVCC I was worried that my teacher would be mean and scar my IVCC life forever.
To get over this problem, I asked around. Asking other students will either comfort you or prepare you. If it is a good teacher you will hear about the good times and look forward to class a little more; on the other hand, if it is a bad teacher it will give you time to switch teachers or prepare yourself for what’s to come.
Now, just because they are nice does not mean they are a good teacher. Every teacher at IVCC has a different teaching method: some you will like more than others, so also ask around about how they run their classes if you are worried.
By asking other students or your friends before classes start it helps to avoid an unpleasant semester!

Why do I need an ID?
I dread pictures, so when I found out I needed a student I.D. I was not looking forward to it. You get your student I.D. in the records and administration office and a lovely picture to go on it.
Getting a student I.D. is well worth it. As a freshman I did not know the benefits of a student I.D. but trust me, as the semester goes on you will learn that it is better to have one.
With a student I.D. you can get special discounts in different places (where offered), you can check out and order books at the library, you can even go to other colleges and check out books from their library, you can also make copies in the library, and it helps you in case you forget your K-number or student I.D. number. It really is a nifty thing.

How to get involved?
When I first started at IVCC, it was lonely. I had just moved back to Illinois from Missouri and a lot of my old friends were not at IVCC yet.
Later in the semester, my twin sister moved to Illinois and attended IVCC for eight weeks.
When summer came and finally left, my sister had moved back to Missouri, leaving me at IVCC alone.  That was when I told myself I needed to get involved.
You can get involved in many ways; the most common are joining clubs or organizations. We have clubs for literally anything ranging from chemistry to video gaming. If you are not sure how to join a club, or what clubs IVCC offers, then go to the IVCC webpage ( or ask the student help desk in the lobby.
Another alternative is to go down to the cafeteria.
That is where most students hang in their free time.
So go down there and just start talking to a couple of people and get to know them; maybe you share the same interests! (Andrew Loebach says, join SPAMO! That’s IVCC’s club for the performing arts and music.)

Do you need more advice?
For the next issue we will be holding an advice column! If you have any questions, or just need some advice, please go to the IVLEADER website ( and click the submit a letter tab at the top of the page to send us your questions and concerns!