Find out what clubs IVCC has to offer


Matthew Gerding, IV Leader Editor

Once again another semester has dawned. We here at the IV Leader would like to welcome all new students and welcome back those of you returning for another year.
Usually this space is reserved for me to rant or rave about whatever is on my mind or to draw your attention to one thing or another. This time, however, I would like to send a plea to all students: Get involved!
One of the worst things, in my opinion, to do is not join a club. IVCC has a plethora of clubs and organizations for students to join. There are political clubs, theatre, games, anime, sports, this very newspaper you are reading now, and anything you can think of. If you have an interest in it, IVCC probably has a club for it.
If you look through all the possibilities and don’t find one that suits you, guess what, you can try and start one yourself. IVCC is very good about helping establish new organizations and clubs to suit any taste.
Clubs and organizations are a great way to foster new friendships that can last a lifetime. They are also great in helping new students adjust to a new school by finding like-minded individuals. A lot of clubs also look excellent on future applications and resumes.
Spirit Day is Sept. 12 this year. Spirit Day is a fun-filled day where students can play games and activities and also get to know the clubs in the school and sign up. I strongly urge you to take advantage. I promise you won’t regret it!
Enjoy the year and see you next issue.