Trustee encourages participation, communication

Britney Burkart, IVCC Student Trustee

It is a privilege and honor to be elected as the Student Trustee at IVCC for the 2012-2013 school year. As the Student Trustee, I will ensure that students’ issues and concerns are noticed and addressed.
I truly believe that the life within our college is based upon the students’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Therefore, I will do everything within my power to make sure your voices are heard.
I am currently finishing my freshman year at IVCC and will continue my education here for one more year. As a Communication Science and Disorders major, I plan on transferring to either Western Illinois University or Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville to obtain my master’s degree as a speech pathologist.
I am proud to be currently playing for the Lady Eagles softball team, which I will be continuing to do next year as well. I am a St. Bede Academy graduate, where I graduated in the top 10 of my class.
My strong values and dedication to school will help me succeed as this year’s Student Trustee. I highly encourage student participation in clubs and activities that our college offers because more involvement by the students will help increase dedication towards educational goals. By giving back to the college and participating in events, students truly bring life to IVCC, and gain a sense of belonging to our school.
As you all probably know, the elimination of tennis and athletic waivers is the hot topic right now; therefore, if anyone has any questions or concerns I am available either in the student government office or at [email protected] I encourage fellow students not to hesitate to approach me with any suggestions or opinions.
Every student has the potential to be very successful, if given the necessary tools and opportunities. I care deeply about the education and success of the students at IVCC and  look forward to communicating with the student body and the Board of Trustees.