My first year at IVCC: A recap of events

Zach Buckley, IV Leader Columnist

People like to talk about how they remember where they were when they found out about something tragic.  Ask your grandparents where they were when JFK was shot – chances are they could tell you.  Well, I can tell you exactly where I was when I realized that I was going to IVCC.  I was at a Taco Bell.  A Taco Bell.
The location was nearly as tragic as the news, right?  It was a warm spring afternoon when I discovered this fact.  I was a high school senior devoid of any and all love for the Illinois Valley and I had plans on going to art school to study music – original, I know.  But what interfered with my plans?  The dreaded community college “experience.”
Initially, I hated the idea and I hated the campus and I hated the students and I hated the thought of going to “LP 2.0” – and this was before I even set foot in the door!  Once I arrived, though, things began to look suspiciously not as terrible as I had made them out to be in my mind.  I was wary of the whole situation nonetheless.
My first class at IVCC was an English course with Lori Cinotte which resulted in me writing for the publication you are reading right now.  Never in a million years would I have considered myself a writer and now I have won an award for my work – which is just silly!  I joined the staff for the free food and the company.
The person who really ruined any chance I had of being a disgruntled community college student was Mike Pecherek.  Watch out for that man, folks.  He’s sneaky.  One second you think you don’t like something and then BAM!  He shows you that you love community college and you realize that your fake, misplaced animosity never stood a chance.  He also teaches you that the cello is the sexiest instrument alive without ever having to say a word to you about it – but that’s neither here nor there.  I suggest that everyone take a course with that man while they are here.  He teaches you so much more than just music – he teaches you to be passionate about the things that you love in this life and just how precious they truly are.
IVCC itself has also taught me many things as well this past year, such as when the cafeteria has sloppy nachos you must eat them.  Or that someone will always be offended by what you write – that’s okay, though, it means they’re reading.  Or my personal favorite:  Batman can and most likely will appear on campus – in fact, he is probably watching you right now.
Lastly, I find it necessary to thank Doc and Norm.  Coming out of a rough first semester, the theatre department – which has been gracious enough to support me financially this past year – stood by me even though they didn’t have to.  I cannot thank them enough for that and I hope that they know just how much I appreciated it.
I will be back next year and this time, instead of dreading it, I will in fact be excited to return.  I hope everybody has a safe, eventful summer. Watch out for Batman! Don’t suck!