Lessons learned at IVCC

Rachel Hettrick, IV Leader Columnist

Over the past two years at IVCC, I have learned a lot and I know I have changed a lot.
People who knew me in high school don’t recognize me now. This is one of the great things about community college. You can find who you want to be before you move on to a bigger school or your adult life.
That being said, there have been a few concrete lessons that I hope to share.

Lesson 1: Leave your bubble.
When I first got to IVCC, I didn’t talk to anyone. Only one of my friends from high school was in class with me and I was lonely. But I was not good at meeting anyone new. Even when I got cast in the musical that first fall, I still hardly knew anyone. It took me three months to finally open up to people, leave my little high school bubble and make friends. Once I did, my school life became so much better.

Lesson 2: Try something new
When I started at IVCC, I was a theatre major. Theatre was the only thing I participated in and I never considered something else.
I never had any intention of becoming a journalist. My lovely friend and editor, Matt Gerding, asked me if I would like to start writing an opinion column.
From my first issue, I was hooked. In December, I changed my major to journalism.

Lesson 3: Take Advantage of All You Can do
You are only young once. Take advantage of it.
Try things that you might not be able to once you leave college. Take a chance and have some fun.