End of year fosters memories

Matthew Gerding, IV Leader Editor

Another semester and school year is coming to a close and as usual I think back on what has happened. This year saw me take over as editor for the IV Leader and I have never been happier.
I have seen my paper staff grow from hesitant and inexperienced to confident and award winning. I have reported on tuition increases, construction, retirements, and more. I helped start a new Web site for the paper. I have strengthened my love for reporting and improved my writing skills, all while working on the paper.
Most importantly, though, are the friends I have made. When I started at IVCC I knew no one — all my school friends were 10 years out of school already. Working on the paper I met so many wonderful new people that I consider close friends. Working in an environment of deadlines and stress can really bring people together. I will miss the two that are leaving but look forward to meeting the new ones that will arrive.
Working on the paper has strengthened my writing as well. Writing for a paper has its own trials and tribulations that I have overcome. One of the things I have learned is the AP Stylebook is your bible if you are a reporter.
Looking toward next year I hope to take the paper to new heights. One of the improvements I want to work on is getting more students involved. I want students to realize that the IV Leader is a great source of campus news and they should read it and let us know what they think. I also want them to go to the Web site and comment on stories. We are working on updating the Web site as much as possible and love input from students.
In closing I would like to say, “Thank you.”
I am thanking not only my staff but also everyone who has read the paper and anyone who has written in with comments on how we can make things better.
See you next year.