Yu Gi Oh misunderstood by outsiders

Zach Buckley, IV Leader Columnist

I am a closet Yu Gi Oh! player.  For the longest time I could not and would not allow myself to be associated with the game.  Even though I enjoy playing it competitively, I went as far as Indianapolis once just for a single tournament, I did not want anybody outside of my group of friends who played to know.  I was embarrassed by it and now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t have been.

The stigma that comes with playing any sort of game like this is that it’s for “nerds” and that it’s a card game for children.  Nobody wants to be associated with that.  Well, as far as I am concerned now I am damn proud to be associated with this children’s card game.  Honestly, anyone who’s willing to take the time to mock someone for a past time that they love is kind of a doucher.  Besides, I don’t care what you think and nobody else will either.

I would like to break some of the common misconceptions here and now that come with playing this game:

A.)  We are not socially inept.  This one is a classic time honored stereotype: The guy in his forties who lives in his mother’s basement balding with big glasses and no friends.  Luckily, most of the Yu Gi Oh! players I have met do not fit this category and are actually some of the best people I know

B.) We are not all single and fugly.  This one also shocks people as well.  They think of us all as unattractive and asexual; which I find to be downright hilarious.  Hell, many of us can hold down a relationship better than so called “normal” people.

C.) We are not all dudes.  Seriously, is that so difficult to believe? For many people, it is!  Many of us are girls and many of us are in fact rather attractive girls.  If you need proof just search dragonduelistgirl or vayuenthusaist on YouTube or just take a look at my girlfriend.  What makes it even better?  They play well.  Scary well.

D.) We are not all your stereotypical “nerd”.  I’m a music composition and vocal performance major.  In my group of friends who play alone we have a photographer, two education majors, several graphic designers, and another music major like me.  Absolutely none of us are majoring in anything about computers or science.  So cool your jets.

E.) This card game isn’t our entire life.  This one just needed to be said.  It’s self explanatory.


Now, believe me when I say that this article was not written in any response to any ignorant remarks I have received about my involvement in the game.  In fact, it is more of a reminder to me and all the others out there who play this game to not be ashamed of what you love to do.  It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say to you.  If you enjoy playing then continue to play.  Just promise me you’ll play well, okay?  Learn priority and chaining; it’ll put you into the big boy league of duelists.  My final piece of advice? Don’t suck.