Be Mine!!!!

Haley Petre, IV Leader Staff Columnist

Feb. 14. Valentine’s Day.
A whole day dedicated to love and  expressing to your special someone or crush just how much they mean to you.
Easier said than done. Maybe you wanted to tell her how adorable you think she is when she laughs. Maybe you tried to tell that boy that sits in front of you in Bio that you’ve liked him all semester but something just stopped you.
Telling others how you really feel can be scary,  but IVCC’s Dead Poets Society wanted to help all campus lovebirds out by collecting anonymous love letters.
The club collected the love letters for about two weeks before displaying them in the lobby.
The letters could be written to anyone or anything,decorated,typed,or written.
If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the display and check out all of the different letters received, you can take a peek at a few of the love notes online at