GOP tries to find nominees

Ericka Smith, IVLeader Columnist

It is the end of January of the election year and the Republican Party is still fighting to find the top candidate to represent the GOP in the Presidential race. The first rounds of the primaries have weeded out many of the unsuitable candidates. Unfortunately Mitt Romney leads the polls with more than 30 percent support. He is followed by candidates Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Jr., Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry (in order of poll support as of the New Hampshire preliminaries).

Romney is a poor choice for the GOP party given that he takes on many liberal views, such as Romney Care in Massachusetts which is a socialized health care that Obama-care was modeled after. Romney also voted pro choice and pro gay marriage, which begs the question: Why are you running for the GOP when you have shown support of not only liberal views but socialism.

Ron Paul the local libertarian seems like a good choice for the GOP except for his plan to scale back the military if he makes it into office. Scaling back the military does not mean that he will cut the size of the military, but cut the growth of the military and the overall budget for the military.

Jon Huntsman is just a career Washington Politician.

Newt Gingrich is a hypocrite, after leading the Clinton impeachment he himself was exposed for having two divorces and extramarital affairs.

Rick Santorum seems to be the best fit for the GOP candidacy being that he is very conservative but is lacking necessary support to take the lead.

And the Final GOP candidate is Rick Perry, best known for putting his foot in his mouth. His major area of interest is creating jobs. A noble idea but in a country that has not passed a budget in more than 90 months our biggest worry is not to create jobs. There are jobs out there. The Government does not need to worry about spending more money it does not have to create jobs.

In closing, some of these candidates are not the best choice for the GOP but after having Obama as a president, they could only be an improvement.