Summer/Fall Registration begin April 16 during COVID-19

Lillian Moskalewicz, Staff Writer

During this time, as a student, it is important to keep in check with your instructors and counselors.

Students, you may be wondering: How will I register or see a counselor to get registered? Will IVCC offer summer classes?

Mark Grzybowski, Vice President of Student Services, sent out a message in regards to the Counseling Center’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 courses has been postponed until April 16 at 9 am. We are offering advising via telephone and Zoom meetings. Contact the Counseling Center at 815-224-0360 to set up an appointment.”

This transition to online counseling is definitely not the easiest thing to adapt to.

Jim Moskalewicz, IVCC Counselor, stated his opinion on the online transition:

“It’s a little more inconvenient, but still effective for the students.”

Moskalewicz also noted, “Students should take a little more ownership by being prepared about their program of study. They should also be near a computer or tablet in order to access their WebAdvisor account.”

IVCC has yet to announce what will be happening with Summer classes. Like the rest of the world, IVCC is taking things day-by-day.

Grzybowski also posted on the web to the IVCC Student Community:

“Your personal health and safety is a priority of ours during this uncertain time. An additional priority of ours is to support and work with you in every way possible in order to limit the negative ramifications the coronavirus may have on your studies and other college-related matters.

If you experience hardships during this period and you begin to consider the drastic measure of withdrawing from courses or dropping out of IVCC, we strongly encourage you to reach out to an IVCC Counselor before doing so. Since each of your situations are unique, reaching out to an IVCC Counselor is one of the best ways to understand what possible options might be available to you. Contacting the Financial Aid Office will afford you the opportunity to understand how a withdrawal might affect your future financial aid status.”

If any student is concerned about the process, don’t be. Questions can be answered by calling the Counseling Center.

Stay positive and stay healthy- we are all in this together.