One Book, One College events continue during spring semester

Eric Lockwood, Staff Writer

One Book, One College events are continuing this semester at IVCC. All the events are centered on this year’s One Book selection, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and A Mother’s Will to Survive, by Stephanie Land.

The first event is a discussion on Part One of Maid, facilitated by Heather Steele from Safe Journeys. It will be held at noon on Feb. 15, in Jacobs Library, A-201.

Two events will be held in March. The first is a Single-Parent Panel at 1 p.m., March 1, in Jacobs Library, A-201.

The second is a discussion on Part Two of Maid, facilitated by Diane Scoma, IVCC Project Success Counselor. It will take place at noon on March 15, in Jacobs Library, A-201.

April will also have two events. The first is a poetry event with Jonah Mixon-Webster, a Lamda Literary Award-winning poet. This will be held at noon on April 5, in the IVCC Cultural Centre.

Finally, a discussion on Part Three of Maid, facilitated by Tracy Lee, IVCC English Instructor, will take place at noon on April 12, in Jacobs Library, A-201.

According to Jayna Leipart-Guttilla, Collection Development and Access Librarian, students should attend One Book events to hear the perspectives of other people who have gone through different circumstances in life.

“In this instance, for Maid, the author is a single parent. She works a low-income job, and she also goes back to school. So, all of those things kind of reflect our own student population here, and I think it’s important for other students who may not have that experience to see, and understand, and therefore have empathy towards those types of people,” Leipart-Guttilla said.

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