IVCC students to study abroad this summer


IVCC students Sabrina Belmonte, left, and Raven Bridges.

IV Leader Staff

This summer, Illinois Valley Community College students’ Sabrina Belmonte of Mendota and Raven Bridges of LaSalle will be taking advantage the college’s study abroad opportunities.

Bridges is a first-year student looking to graduate with her AS and then transfer to the University of Illinois for Biomedical Engineering. She will be traveling to France. While there, she will be taking French I and staying in a private dorm sharing a communal kitchen with other study abroad students.

Bridges chose France initially for her love of Johnny Depp, but also because of the culture. She took 2 years of French in high school and felt a longing to experience the country herself.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and having the chance to grow socially as I become more diverse in my travels and networks,” Bridges said.

Belmonte, a first-year marketing student will be studying in Costa Rica, where she will be immersed in the culture of a Spanish speaking community.

As someone who studied Spanish all four-years of high school and speaks it at home, Sabrina hopes to become fully bilingual.

While in Costa Rica, Sabrina will be staying with a host family while taking a history course and intermediate Spanish.

Belmonte received a $500 Founders Scholarship through the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs.

“Studying abroad is only my first adventure. I plan to continue traveling when I receive my degree. I’ve always wanted to travel and IVCC has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams.”

For information about IVCC’s study abroad program, contact IVCC political science instructor Amanda Cook-Fesperman at [email protected].