Criminal Justice’s recent hire

Jonathan Hubbell

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Jonathan Hubbell

Drew Farrell, IV Leader Staff Writer

This year, at Illinois Valley Community College, there is a new instructor for the Criminal Justice program. Jonathan Hubbell was recently hired in January as the Criminal Justice program coordinator and instructor.

Before taking his job here at IVCC, he had been teaching and working within the criminal justice field in the Bloomington area for nearly 15 years at the local colleges and McLean County Court Services.

Hubbell says that he will “work his hardest to get tenure” here at the college.

He explained that he, “enjoys helping students learn about the criminal justice system to help achieve their education and career goals.”

Criminal justice is any workforce that relates to law. This may include being a judge, security guard, or a policeman.

Hubbell first got his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Illinois State University in 2009 and his master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati in 2016. He is currently working on getting his doctorate in higher education administration by 2024 at ISU.

Hubbell’s overall experience includes public speaking, program coordinating, and class in-structing.