New Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences

Macy Anderson, IV Leader Staff Writer

Lirim Neziroski has been newly added to IVCC’s staff and will be the new Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences.

Neziroski attended Augustana College with a bachelor’s in English, the University of Chicago for a master’s in humanities, the University of Georgia for a Ph.D. in English, and the University of Massachusetts for an MBA with a focus on organizational leadership.

Neziroski says, “As dean of the division, it’s my role to promote the arts at the college and the community, and I look forward to meeting artists and finding ways to promote their work. I’m especially interested in the college’s Cultural Centre (theater) and also in the new music spaces we are building on campus. I am also interested in the history of the community, especially in the Starved Rock area, which has become such a center for history and tourism.”

Here is a little bit about Neziroski: “I have been involved in the humanities and performing arts pretty much my whole life. I participated in theater in high school and college, and my graduate studies focused on 19th-century literature and theater. My two kids – now in high school – are also very much involved in music performance, band, and theater, and I volunteer as a band parent. I’m excited about the opportunity to apply my administrative and leadership skills to the academic areas I have studied and been interested in for so long.”

When asked about what interested him most about this job he said, “The nature of the work itself is very exciting. On the administrative side, I participate in strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork, budgeting, and decision-making, and these are skills that correspond to my personality, so I enjoy doing this kind of work.

“On the academic side, I get work with really interesting instructors and students who are doing amazing work in their classes, in their professional scholarship, and in the community,” Neziroski explained. “I’m excited to learn more about IVCC’s theater and music productions and also about the unique history and culture of the community. I’m also originally from the Mendota-La Salle area, so, on a personal level, this job is a kind of homecoming in a way.”

IVCC President Jerry Corcoran said, “I think the combination of Dr. Lirim Neziroski’s impressive academic credentials and higher education work experience have prepared him well to serve as our new Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences. I very much enjoyed visiting with him as part of the day’s activities a few weeks ago when interviewing him for the job.”