Fall enrollment increases, credit hours decrease

Drake Weber, IV Leader Staff Writer

The enrollment at IVCC is very important as it is a crucial part of every college. When there is higher enrollment and student retention, the school can offer better services and resources and have an overall better profile.

According to Mark Grzybowski, Vice President of Student Services, the last report from IVCC showed that there was an increase in the number of students that have enrolled in the college. However, even though there is an increase in the enrollment there is a decrease in the credit hours when compared to years past.

Grzybowski did state that there are many reasons that the enrollment is increasing at IVCC which is positive. The administration is aware of the decline in classes being taken by students and are currently working on a plan.

A couple things that they are working on are a revision of the master schedule of classes. This revision will evaluate everything about our current offerings: from times and days classes are being offered to where, when and how content is being delivered.

Grzybowski says that student services will continue to offer a blend of events both in-person and virtually.

Also, he stresses that Academic Affairs will continue to regularly evaluate our menu of academic programs that are offered here at IVCC. He suggests that adding activities that will encourage people of all ages to attend IVCC is being considered.

Anything that can bring them to the campus and show them the state-of-the-art facility that we have, introduce them to our highly-qualified faculty and staff, and begin to make them feel safe when on our campus will add to encouraging students to attend IVCC.

Students can also help with enrollment by giving positive feedback to other students and let their own excitement come through by sharing their experiences about the school.

Another way is to share the success stories of students that have attended IVCC. These are all ways to better the college and the community.