Hermosillo selected as financial aid advisor


Hope Beelman

Miguel Hermosillo joined the staff in the IVCC Financial Aid Office during the summer of 2021.

After deciding to return to school in 2003 with the goal of completing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, advisor Miguel Hermosillo, a new member of the Financial Aid faculty, currently helps students receive financial aid in order to achieve their personal and educational goals.

“I took an accounting course in high school which I enjoyed since it involved working with numbers in a detail-oriented environment,” Hermosillo stated.

He first obtained an associate degree at IVCC before transferring to Franklin University to complete his bachelor’s degree. Eventually, he continued and achieved an MBA with a concentration in Finance from American Public University.

Hermosillo has lived in the Illinois Valley from the time he was 11 years old although he was born in Mexico and lived in the Los Angeles, Calif. area from the time he was 3 years old to ten years old. Presently, he lives with his wife and 3 children in Peru, Ill.

“It has been home for about 30 years. I have family and friends in the community and my children are actively involved in various youth activities,” mentioned Hermosillo after being asked about his favorite aspect of the Illinois Valley area.

He described his impressions of the students and his fellow faculty and staff at IVCC as understanding, polite, and helpful after being in his role as a Financial Aid advisor for about 2 months.

Rosevelia Rocha, a Financial Aid student worker, explained that she had similar experiences with the advisors as they have helped her learn more about how to pay for college through federal assistance and scholarship opportunities.

“What I would like for other students to know about the advisors is that they are so friendly,” emphasized Rocha. “They have created such a welcoming environment, so everyone should feel free to ask the advisors about anything they’re unsure about.”

Another student worker in the Financial Aid office, Natalie Orozco, described the advisors as hardworking and kind. She added that they have been extremely helpful from the day she began working in the office.

“They push me to become a better student every day and are truly willing to help all students when needed,” Orozco mentioned.

While explaining that IVCC provides a great work-environment, Hermosillo also added that everyone he has spoken to, so far, speaks well about their career at the college.

“I look forward to continuing to grow and develop my career here at IVCC,” elaborated Hermosillo.

Outside of his office and duties as a Financial Aid advisor, Hermosillo enjoys coaching and being involved with the multitude of youth sports his children are involved in.

“I also enjoy going for a bike ride with the whole family to get some fresh air and participate in some sort of exercise activity,” commented Hermosillo.