2021 Graduation just around the corner!


Ryan Grieves

With the deadline to sign up for graduation at IVCC passed, commencement is just around the corner. Because of the pandemic, commencement this year will be a virtual event, airing May 22 at 1:30 pm.

While IVCC both in 2020 and 2021 has held virtual commencement ceremonies, for students graduating there remains the option of walking for the experience of a traditional in-person commencement in the future.

Mark Grzybowski, Vice President for Student Services said that despite these last two commencement ceremonies being virtual, “we will still reach out to the graduating classes of this year and last year when we are able to safely go back to an in-person ceremony and invite them to participate.”

He continued to state, “because the simple fact of walking across that stage in the gym with that many people is pretty darn important for a lot of people. Not only is it a significant matter but it’s symbolic as well.”

While graduation and commencement go hand in hand, commencement is not a requirement to graduate, rather an optional event. Students with around 45 completed credit hours should check with a counselor, ensuring you are on track to complete your degree program by your desired graduation period.

Students must apply for graduation when the time comes, as it is the official posting of your degree to your academic record. In order to apply for graduation, one must simply fill out the application found at https://www.ivcc.edu/studentservices/graduation.php.

Regarding the virtual commencement, “While I am a bit bummed that we are not able to participate in a live ceremony, I agree that a virtual commencement is for the best.” Current student and soon graduating Reid Tomasson said, “In the end, walking at graduation or not, I am very proud of the hard work that I put into the last two semesters. It is bittersweet to leave IVCC, but I am happy to be taking the next step into my life/career.”

While Tomasson mentioned he will miss the connections he has made here at IVCC, he looks forward to what lies ahead, stating, “In the fall of 2021, I will be transferring to Columbia College in Chicago, majoring in film and television.”

Fellow soon to be IVCC graduate Samuel May shares Tomasson’s outlook, displaying excitement for graduation and stating that he is happy to have earned his associates through IVCC. May plans to transfer to Northern Illinois University majoring in Communications with an emphasis on media studies following graduation.

Grzybowski expressed the hope that students take advantage of graduation regardless of the method of commencement, urging students to take part stating, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity,”

He continued to say, “I kind of wish I would’ve been able to go back and participate in my IVCC graduation because all my family members that had passed on would have been able to have been there and seen that.”

A message from Student Services Administrative Assistant Crystal Credi regarding caps and gowns, “If a student missed the cap and gown ordering deadline and wants to participate in the Virtual Commencement Ceremony, have them email crystal_credi@ivcc.edu with their full name, height, and weight to get added to the list. Details about the ceremony can be located at www.ivcc.edu/commencement.”

For more information on commencement and to follow coming updates, visit https://www.ivcc.edu/studentservices/commencement.php.