Mathematics professor retires

Samuel May and Jacob Kinsella

Dan Serafini, a professor with the IVCC mathematics department, is retiring following the 2021 spring semester.

When asked about what made him decide to teach math, Mr. Serafini explained that there was not a certain thing or moment that made him realize he wanted to teach math, but said that math had always intrigued him, starting at a very young age.

As he grew older and learned more, he also began appreciating it more and eventually had enough passion for math that he believed that teaching it would be a fulfilling and fitting career choice.

Mr. Serafini passionately states that he will miss teaching when he leaves for his upcoming retirement. He could not pinpoint just one thing that he will miss about it, but lists the students and teaching them, seeing his friends within the faculty he has made, and the overall atmosphere of IVCC as things he will miss the most.

Seth Wallace, a student who has taken a course taught by Dan Serafini, says that Mr. Serafini seemed very genuine and caring, and as a teacher he was great and cared about his student’s well-being and understanding of the subject. Wallace went on to say that “he always made sure we were understanding the material and you could tell he just had a pure passion for his work.”

When asked if there was any message he would like to pass on to students, Serafini stated many motivational tidbits including keeping your head held high, remembering what you are working for and what your end goal is, as well as advising students to stick through the hard times we are facing and to not give up on furthering your education because of it.

Dan Serafini will be remembered by the students who had him. As Seth Wallace states, “There were times where he went out of his way to help me and other students if we didn’t understand and I believe that is an important quality that all teachers should have.”