Audit finance committee reviews course fees

IV Leader Staff

The Illinois Valley Community College board’s audit finance committee reviewed course fees, a transfer of funds for deferred maintenance, seeking proposals for auditing services and student organization budgets Thursday evening.

The administration proposed changes to 100 course fees including 81 increases, 12 new courses, one decrease, removal of course fees from five courses and the assignment of course fees to one existing course. In total, there are 355 courses with fees.

In other business, the committee reviewed a commitment to transfer $539,063 to a Capital Development Board trust account at Midland States Bank. The transfer covers the anticipated local match for the air moisture infiltration deferred maintenance project once the undertaking has ICCB and IVCC board approval. 

The state will pay 75 percent or $1.6 million of the $2.1 million project involving caulking and sealing exterior precast concrete panels on the original buildings.

The committee also considered: 

  • The administration request to seek proposals for auditing services. Board policy requires proposals be sought every six years. Wipfli LLP’s contract expired with the 2020 audit. 
  • Budgets for 43 student organizations. Total allocations have been reduced from $41,500 in 2019-20 to $31,250 in 2020-21.