IVCC Nursing Department helps LaSalle County Health Department deliver COVID-19 vaccinations


Centers for Disease Control

CDC photo of coronavirus

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Editor

With the help of the IVCC nursing department, the La Salle County Health Department is delivering COVID-19 vaccinations for qualified residents who are working or living in La Salle County. 

Jennifer Grobe, director of Nursing Programs at IVCC, was contacted by the La Salle County Health Department on Jan. 11. and was asked if nursing students and instructors would be able to assist the health department with delivering vaccines. 

Grobe said, “I worked together with Bonnie Campbell and Laura Hodgson to facilitate students, nurses, IVCC facilities, and additional resources to not only assist with giving the vaccines but also providing a location for the clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January and February. This was truly a team effort!”

Grobe said that students and staff from both the nursing and paramedic departments have been great volunteers, having given approximately 1,500 injections in the first week alone. 

Volunteers from IVCC are working under the direction of those at the La Salle County Health Department. 

Individuals who are interested in and qualify for a vaccination should register for an appointment at the La Salle County Health Department’s website. At this time, walk-ins are not allowed and vaccinations are by appointment only.

Additionally, the La Salle County Health Department requests that due to high amounts of calls and a limited number of staff to answer the phone, please visit the website to make an appointment rather than call. 

Vaccinations are only being provided for those who qualify for Phase 1b and either live in or are working in LaSalle County. 

To see if you are eligible or if you are interested in making an appointment, visit the link below.