IVCC, Mid-American Growers Found New Cannabis Course

Illinois Valley Community college has formed a partnership with Mid-American Growers in order to strengthen its new cannabis production certificate.

Mid-American Growers is known for growing flowers, however now they want to expand their product and start growing medical and recreational marijuana, as well the hemp production they already have.

This partnership between IVCC and Mid-American Growers is beneficial for IVCC because it not only allows AG students to learn about the new industry, it also includes an internship for anyone interested.

The internship will get instruction from Mid-American Growers cannabis experts and learn how to handle, study, and grow live cannabis plants at the Granville facility in which Mid-American Growers is located.

The course at IVCC is called Introduction to Cannabis Production and began in August. Not only will this two-semester program teach students about the production of industrial hemp but students will also learn about marijuana for recreational and medicinal use.

A key course in the certificate, Introduction to Cannabis Production, began at IVCC in mid-August.

“Our students are learning about a quickly emerging local industry while positioning themselves for careers,” said IVCC President Jerry Corcoran. “MAG, in turn, will use this to strengthen its workforce.”

The partnership is also beneficial for Mid-American Growers as it will strengthen their work force and allow for more production. They already have over 3.6 million-square-feet of greenhouse factories on at least 231 acres. They currently operate the largest hemp production factory in the world.

MAG President Anne Hyde said, “We are pleased to partner with IVCC to help develop a capable and qualified cannabis industry workforce.”