COVID-19 Precautions On IVCC Campus

With the uncertain air of a pandemic hanging over all of us, IVCC is doing its best to make school feel normal while still maintaining social distancing and health guidelines. 

Most classes have been moved to an online format since classroom social distancing would be hard to implement, but that doesn’t mean the campus isn’t open and ready for students. 

Only one entrance is being used to enter and exit the school. Upon entering, one must take their temperature in the form of a digital heat scan. This is a quick and easy way to make sure each individual entering the building is healthy. 

Social distancing is being practiced in the school as well. In all areas in which computers are available for students to use, every other computer and table is blocked off with a sign, making it possible to maintain a sixfoot spacing between students while still allowing them to use the campus computers. The keyboards, mice and tables are also being sanitized between each use. 

Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building, making it easy and convenient for students and staff alike to keep their hands clean to prevent the spread of germs.