SGA Wants IVCC Micro Food Pantry Moved

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Staff

At Student Government’s last meeting, they held a vote to determine if the food pantry should change locations again or stay in the Foundation Office.

At the beginning of this semester, the Micro Food Pantry was moved inside the Foundation Office across from the Cyber Café.

“We thought it would be a better idea just to change the wording on the sign to make it clear that students who were truly in need of it were allowed to use it,” said Student Government president Kaitlyn Ruppert on why they voted for the pantry to remain where it was before being moved inside the Foundation Office.

Although SGA voted to move the pantry back into a hall accessible to all students at all times, the Micro Pantry remains inside the Foundation Office.

The purpose of the food pantry is to provide for students who come to school hungry, perhaps because they are not able to afford to eat breakfast at home. The provided food is free, and students can walk into the Foundation Office and grab something to eat before class. When a student is not stressed due to hunger, they are able to focus and succeed in school.

The pantry is only intended for students who are truly in need, and the pantry was moved when staff felt that some students were taking advantage of the pantry even though they were not suffering in the way that other students are.

If you are a student who struggles with being able to afford food for school or for home, grab something to eat from the Micro Food Pantry inside the Foundation Office located across from the Cyber Café.