Rotaract Club Comes to IVCC

Justice Petersen, IV Leader Staff

This year, IVCC has established a Rotaract club. For those unaware of what Rotaract is, it is the college-level equivalent of Interact or Rotary. Many high schools have an Interact club, and many towns have Rotary clubs, which consist of adults in the community.

Rotary is all about community service and helping others, either in your own local area or around the world. IVCC has started a club that you can join in college when you can no longer participate in Interact but are still too young to join Rotary. The goals of IVCC Rotaract are to encourage students to take on strong leadership roles, identify problems in the community and the world that should be solved, and to inspire students to join Rotary International.

The very first Rotary Club was founded in 1905 by Chicago attorney Paul Harris. His goal was for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and form ideas and share opinions while offering aid to their community when it was needed. Soon, Rotary Clubs began to form all over the world, thus forming Rotary International. Rotary is now most renowned for their fight against polio. Today, because of the works through Rotary, polio is now only found in three countries, and more than 2.5 billion children from 122 countries have been immunized.

IVCC Rotaract is advised by IVCC staff and Peru Rotary members Mark Grzybowski and Chris Jauch. Anyone interested in great leadership opportunities, community service, or looking to be more involved are still able to join. To learn more about the club email [email protected] or [email protected].