Remember to register for Spring 2020 semester


Liza Buhr

Renee Prince, an IVCC counselor, meets with student Claire DeGraaf to set up her spring schedule.

Liza Buhr, Sports Editor

Although it may seem that the fall semester has just begun, we are already approaching the time to start thinking about spring semester.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, students can begin registering for their Spring 2020 courses. Students are advised to start scheduling appointments with counselors to figure out which courses they need in order to complete their degree or certificate.

“I’d recommend that students meet with a counselor as soon as possible, then
add the courses they’re interested in to their preferred schedule on WebAdvisor,”
Director of Admissions, Records, & Transfer Services Quintin Overocker said. “If
they do these two things, they’ll be prepared on Nov. 6 and should get the courses
they want.”

It is recommended that students visit with a counselor and select their preferred courses on WebAdvisor prior to Nov. 6, but students do have until the first day
of spring classes on Jan. 9 to register for classes.

On Nov. 6, registration will begin at 9 a.m. online and 10 a.m. in-person or via

Freshman Claire DeGraaf said, “The counselors have been so helpful; I’m transferring next year and they have set me up with people to get ahold of and which classes I need to transfer [easily].”

“Students can register using WebAdvisor, by calling (815) 224-0447, or they can
stop by the Records Office in CTC 101 or at the Ottawa Center,” said Overocker.