Win big with Score BIG


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Students are invited to take part in Score BIG to learn about IVCC services.

Liza Buhr, Staff Writer

Have you been wondering how you can receive some help on campus? Is that math problem leaving you stumped? Are you looking for the perfect research resource?

Look no further!

By participating in Score BIG at IVCC you can help yourself learn about the resources here on campus. Score BIG is a game in Blackboard that started in 2017. Since then, Score BIG coordinators have been continuously updating Score BIG to make it an enjoyable and easy learning game for students on campus.

Assessment Center Coordinator Sarah Trager described Score BIG as “an interactive way to learn about student resources on campus that we designed with some incentives for students to encourage them to utilize the resources that are here to help them in their classwork and beyond.”

“I play Score BIG for two of my classes, Microeconomics and English Composition I,” said IVCC freshman Grace Filipiak. “I think Score BIG is beneficial for students [because] it gets students out and about on campus.”

As Filipiak mentioned, students can play Score BIG with a class or individually. Regardless, it’s an enjoyable student experience.

“My favorite part about Score BIG is that it’s a competition but you are still learning while you play,” she added.

Disability Services Coordinator Tina Hardy believes students should play Score BIG.

“It connects [students] to the helper people,” explained Hardy. “You’re giving yourself an advantage [by] connecting yourself to people here on campus, to people who can help you for the long-term, not just in the moment when you’re playing the game.”

Every semester, there is one round of Score BIG that students can participate in by emailing the Student Help Desk at [email protected] from their student email account. In the subject line students should put “Score BIG” and in the body of the message they should put their K-number.

This semester’s session of Score BIG runs from Sept. 3 to Oct. 25. There is still time to join in on the fun and the chance to win $100!