New Faculty Spotlight – David Garrison

David Garrison

Mathematics Instructor


Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Moline, IL.


Where did you attend college and what degree do you hold?

I earned a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Iowa and a M.S. in Mathematics from Northern Illinois University.


What classes or positions are you currently assigned?

This semester I am working as a fulltime instructor in the Math Learning Center.


Are you new to teaching? If not, where did you teach before IVCC?

I taught at Scott Community College in Bettendorf, Iowa, and at Northern Illinois University as a graduate assistant before coming to IVCC.


What are your impressions, not only of the students, but also the atmosphere at IVCC, and your fellow faculty and staff?

Everyone I have met at IVCC has been so welcoming and helpful. It has really helped me acclimate to my new position. I can tell IVCC is a great place to attend and work.


So far, what is your favorite aspect of IVCC?

When I came to IVCC for the first time I was really impressed by the campus. It is very beautiful here.


What is your favorite thing about the Illinois Valley area?

Ever since I was young I have visited Starved Rock about once a year, so that would be my favorite thing at the moment; and IVCC, of course. I look forward to getting to know the area better.


What should a student know about you?

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be involved with a tabletop RPG club at a community college. If any students would be interested in starting/joining one, I would love to help out.