It s Abba-Solutely Fun: IVCC Theatre Department Puts on ‘Mamma Mia’ This April

IVCC is hosting the anticipated 2001 musical “Mamma Mia” April 17-28. The production will feature a cast of students, community members and professionals working together to put on a show to remember.

The story consists of a girl, who is soon to be married, and her mother living on an island. When the girl is to be married, she sends out three wedding invitations to the three men who might be her father. When the three men arrive on the island, chaos, confusion and merriment altogether ensue through the songs of the 1970s-80s Swedish pop group ABBA in what might be called a modern “screwball comedy.”

There is plenty of life and energy to be found in “Mamma Mia” and there is an abundance of cast and crew members on the IVCC stage who help bring this musical comedy to life.

These members include the director, who brings the skills of supervising the entire show, the crew, who construct the atmosphere and style of “Mamma Mia” and the cast, who bring a flesh and blood experience to every single character of the story.

The director is Don Grant Zellmer, who has supervised shows for 40 years. He has chosen “Mamma Mia” because it is a title people know and has music people love. “I have great hope it’s going to be one of our biggest-selling shows,” said Zellmer.

“The cast is having a ball putting it together. In a few short months we will be making an awful lot of people happy.” He also noted that the play rights have just been released so now is the right chance to premiere the show locally for the first time in community theatre.

At the head of the crew department is Mia Carretto who has done technical theater for five years, with “Mamma Mia” being one of her dream shows to put together. She said,

“Communication is the hardest part of putting a show together because there are so many different people with different jobs working for a common goal. Through all the challenges, the most rewarding part is hearing all the good reviews and knowing people enjoyed your show.”

One of the many cast members is Debbie Torri, who plays the supporting role of the mother’s best friend, Tanya. Torri relates to the character because she is very fun and unique. Torri explained,

“I have gone to see various productions of ‘Mamma Mia,’ so I try to take something I like from all the portrayals I have seen.”

Being a life-long lover of shows and a performer herself, Torri explained that one of her favorite parts about acting is being someone other than herself.

Tickets to this musical will be available in advance and at the door. Show dates are Thursday, April 18 through Sunday, April 28. More information will be revealed soon, and the IVCC Fine Arts Facebook page releases immediate updates.