Luck of the Irish Found at Carlow College

Sydney Johnson, IV Leader Culture Editor

Students at IVCC have the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland at Carlow College.

Students who choose to go to the college will enroll in classes alongside Irish students and students from other parts of Europe. The only class students will take with other American students is “The Irish Experience,” where they learn
about Irish culture and history.

“It’s kind of like Irish 101,” explained Elizabeth Parks, external representative for Carlow College.

In addition to “The Irish Experience” class, students will take five field trips to significant locations in the country, which are County Carlow, County Wicklow, Dublin City, Kilkenny City, County Perry and Belfast City.

All credits earned while abroad are transferable and could either count as humanities, history and sociology, among other things. The subjects offered include Communications/Theatre, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Math and Science courses are not offered.

If Ireland isn’t your ideal country to study abroad at, there are five other countries offered through the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs: Austria, Spain and China for regular semesters and Costa Rica and France for summer semesters, which are three weeks long.

“You have to do the program that’s right for you,” said Parks.

Even if you don’t think you have enough money to pay for an experience like this, there are ways you can still have a meaningful trip. Financial aid, VA benefits and Pell grants, can all fund a semester abroad. Students considering studying abroad are encouraged to file a FAFSA even if they didn’t get any aid from it before because the price of the institution is taken into consideration when funds are distributed.

Students who are interested should contact Steve Alvin at [email protected] or go to for more information.